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Metronome Pack

The Metronome Pack contains MP3 clicks at speeds from 60bpm to 140bpm. Each click runs for approximately two minutes.

Metronome Pack.zip

Silent Clicks Pack

The Silent Clicks Pack contains grooves that play for a certain number of measures, then remain silent for a certain of measures before coming back in. These can be used for the Time-Keeping Mastery sessions in the DrumWorks course or for any general Time-Keeping practice.

Each track has a two measure count-in, runs for approximately five minutes and you can choose from speeds of 80bpm to 110bpm. 

7 Bars on 1 Bar off        Easy                                      

6 Bars on 2 Bars off      Moderately Easy                 

5 Bars on 3 Bars off      Moderate

4 Bars on 4 Bars off      Moderately Hard

3 Bars on 5 Bars off      Hard

2 Bars on 6 Bars off      Very Hard

1 Bar on 7 Bars off        Extreme

Silent Clicks Pack.zip


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