DrumWorks Weeks 17 to 20


The DrumWorks Rising Drummer course is for any drummer looking to become a versatile, skillful, knowledgable, well-rounded musician. By working in each of the eight categories of Coordination, Technique, Patterns, Time&Speed, Grooves, Styles, Fills and Sound Feel & Musicianship you will easily learn the techniques and concepts that you really need, and by following the included DrumWorks 32-Week plan you will fully integrate every skill you have learned into your everyday playing. By the end of the course you will be working on some systems of mastery that you will be able to carry forward to see your progression continue well into the future.

Every lesson PDF can be printed out and built into a beautiful 150-page DrumBook with the included cover artwork, and every lesson comes with a Concepts video that provides detailed explanations and breakdowns of the exercises as well as a Quick Reference video that provides short demonstrations of every exercise to help you visualise your own movements clearly.

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