DrumSteps Weeks 21 to 24

DrumSteps Weeks 21 to 24


The DrumSteps New Drummer Course is a 24 Week course that takes you from the ground up to a good intermediate level in the shortest possible time by covering the eight categories of Coordination, Technique, Patterns, Time&Speed, Grooves, Styles, Fills and Sound, Feel & Musicianship. Also included is the Bonus Category of Song Examples as well as your 24-Week Lesson plan, Quick Start Guides and Trackers. 

There are over 60 individual lessons included and ach lesson consists of a Lesson PDF that contains all of the concepts and exercises that you will study, a Concepts Video that provides detailed explanations and breakdowns of the lesson and a Quick Reference Video that contains examples of every exercises so that you can go straight to a demonstration of the exercise you are currently studying.

Your Lesson PDFs print out to create a beautiful 150-page DrumBook, so cover art for every category is also included.

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