DrumLab - Odd-Time Mastery: The PUSH-PULL Method

DrumLab - Odd-Time Mastery: The PUSH-PULL Method


The DrumLab Odd-Time Mastery: PUSH-PULL Method is a revolutionary approach to playing any groove in any odd-time signature by simply applying PUSH groups or PULL groups to lengthen or shorten the time-signature and literally PUSH the next bar away from you by a certain amount or PULL it towards you. 

The PUSH-PULL Method is so easy to learn and apply that you will probably wonder why you have never learned this method before.

  • File Formats and Computer Requirements

    Download File is in Zip format

    Lesson Documents are in PDF format

    Lesson Videos are in MP4 format.

    Approx 200MB Disk Space required 

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