DrumLab - Accelerated Learning - The Field Of Focus

DrumLab - Accelerated Learning - The Field Of Focus


Why do some people seem able to learn certain things faster than others? What difference would it make to you if you could learn things faster and remember them more clearly? 

Accelerated Learning occurs when a good learning style aligns with the right focus on the right things. The DrumLab Accelerated Learning - Field Of Focus package provides you with some powerful techniques that can massively improve the quality and rate of learning at every stage of learning anything.

Learning is a multi-stage process that goes from conciously unmastered to subconciously mastered, so you will learn to tailor your methods of learning to maximise each stage. 

You will also learn about The FeedBack Loop and how to strengthen it, how The Power Of Purpose can bring motivation and clarity, The Power Of Visualisation and how to begin with the end in mind, The Field Of Focus and how to use it to massively increase the depth and rate of your learning, how Super-Slow practice can actually accelerate your learning, how to Internalise and Retrieve information and develop the ability to recall it permanantly from your long term memory using the Phased Reduction and Landmarks techniques.  

The concepts are easy to apply and you can start using them right away. The time you invest in learning these systems will transform the way you practice and pays off with every bit of learning you undertake in the future. 

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