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DrumSteps 10X - New Drummer

There are 8 Essential Skills Every Drummer Needs if you Actually Expect to Get the Results You Want!

If you're a drummer just starting out click the button below to see how you too can get the foundations right first time!

DrumSteps 10X - New Drummer

DrumWorks 10X - Rising Drummer

The real art is blending the 8 Essential Skills correctly. In DrumWorks 10X, the Intermediate Drummer gets the EXACT processes that I use to craft and Guide You To Master Your Niche!

DrumLab 10X - Blazing Drummer

Like a fine craftsman, you master what you do every day... so DrumLab 10X gives you the essential systems you need for the True Depth & Breadth to Take Your Playing to The Top... Straight from My Playbook and into Your Hands!

Drumright10X - Sight Reading Mastery

Sight Reading Mastery is the result of 6 years of experience, research, and discoveries on the fastest and clearest way that unlocks a whole new world of music and study: Reading!... and inside Sight Reading Mastery I'll simply show you how to make it yours.