Sight-Reading Weekly Build Series

Welcome to the Sight-Reading Skills Weekly Build series.


Learning to read music is one of the best things you can do to better your playing in the long term because it opens up the way to studying from the many excellent books that are out there, communicating effectively with other musicians, writing down your own ideas and allowing you to take opportunities that you might otherwise have to pass on.


Sight-reading is so valuable to any musician that you can study this series completely free, and in reality it is a skill that is much more easily learned than you might expect.  In this series you will improve your sight-reading from the ground up by learning and integrating one new reading figure each week. 

Weekly Followalong Videos and Downloadable PDFs:

Sight-Reading Skills Weekly Build - Introduction / Sight-Reading Skills Overview

Sight-Reading Skills Weekly Build - Week#1 

Sight-Reading Skills Weekly Build - Week#2

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