Month By Month

You can get all of the lessons, videos, PDFs, planners and trackers for the DrumSteps New Drummer Course month by month for just £19.99

Weeks 1 to 4

In Weeks 1 to 4 you will learn:

Hand-To-Hand Foundational Coordination

Moellar Up & Down Strokes Technique

Single Strokes, Double Stroke and Paradiddle Patterns

Hand/Foot Coordination

Timing & Time-Keeping

Moellar Multiple Strokes Technique

Eight Note Hand Patterns

Bass Pedal Foot & Leg Stroke Techniques

Plus your 24 Week planner, progress trackers and cover artwork are included

Weeks 5 to 8

In Weeks 5 to 8 you will learn:

8th Note Groove Coordination System 1

Combined Hands and Bass Drum Coordination

Inner Clock

Hand & Foot Patterns with Bass Drum

Level-Up Three-Way Coordination

Singles and Doubles on the Bass Pedal

8th Note Groove System 2 - Bass Drum Combinations

Four-Way Coordination

Time & Movement

Weeks 9 to 12

In Weeks 9 to 12 you will learn:

Stickings and Foot Pattern Coordination

8th Note Groove System 3 - Eight Note Combinations

Fills Movement Patterns Using Two Drums

Hand & Foot Patterns with Hi-Hat Foot

Incorporating Hands with Single Bass Technique

Styles 1: Rock

Fills Movement Patterns using Three Drums

Time & Feel

Weeks 13 to 16

In Weeks 13 to 16 you will learn:

Incorporating Hands with Double Bass Technique

Hand & Foot Patterns using Both Feet


16th Note Groove System 1 - One Handed Hi-Hat

Styles 2: Pop

Fills Phrasing between

Three Drums

Timing Coordination

Styles 3: Funk

16th Note Groove System 2 - Two Handed Hi-Hat

Weeks 17 to 20

In Weeks 17 to 20 you will learn:

Hand & Foot Patterns with Feet Leading

Styles 4: Blues

Fills Phrasing Level Up to Four Drums

Stick Bounce Technique

Hi-Hat Texture Control

Crash Cymbal Accents with 8th Note Grooves

Styles 5: Shuffles

Ride Cymbal Tone Control

Rim Clicks Technique and Tone

Styles 6: Jazz A - Swing Rhythm

Weeks 21 to 24

In Weeks 21 to 24 you will learn:

Timing & Feel

Styles 7: Jazz B - Left Hand Foundational Coordination

Buzz Stroke and Buzz Roll Technique

Crash Cymbal Accents with 16th Note Grooves

8th Note Groove & 8th Note Fills and Transitions

Rhythm Notation

Four-Way Coordination System 1

Hi-Hat Foot & Leg Strokes

Triplet Stickings

Styles 8: Jazz C - Coordination with the Feet

Time Signatures & Bars/Measures

Four-Way Coordination System 2 - Future Weeks Continued Development

Triplet Hand & Foot Patterns

Open & Closed Hi-Hat Grooves

DrumKit Notation

Playing with a Click

Styles 9: Latin

8th Note Groove & 16th Note Fills and Transititions

Counting Systems

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