The area for beginners. Learn the basics right and set yourself up for a great future. 

Our unique Drumright learning systems are designed to get you playing at the highest level in the shortest amount of time.

Our lessons distill years worth of information and methodology down to the fewest, most high value, high leverage systems. These are the techniques and concepts you need to know, the things most drummers look back and wish they'd learned when they started out.

All the systems in this zone are designed to be super easy to understand and follow. You do not need to be able to read music or any special drum notation.

Each system will take you through a specific set of exercises to develop a certain area of your drumming. It is recommended that you follow the systems in order, but you can choose just the systems that will benefit you most if you prefer. 

Check out our free introduction package first - this gives you a great chance to see how our system works, then go ahead - choose your system and get started!

Concept: Developing basic limb to limb control


For the first timer this system will help you quickly gain control of your arms and legs in as few steps as possible. If you have never played before then you should run through this system at least once before moving through the Pop Grooves system

Rock Grooves - System 1



This Rock Groove system is a little harder in terms of coordination than the Pop system but the routine is based on the same construct.

Pop Grooves - System 2



This second pop groove system builds on the skills covered in the first system.



The first groove system takes you through building up a pop system. This system will give you the basis for many of the future systems so play through it many times until you have absorbed all of its qualitites!

Tom Tom Phrasing - System 1



The first of our systems developing movement around the drum kit.

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Rock Grooves - System 2

Tom Tom Phrasing - System 2

Ride Cymbal - System 1

Crash Cymbal - System 1

Drum Fills - System 1

Pop Grooves - System 3

Rock Grooves - System 3


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