DrumSteps 12-Week Complete Video Course


The DrumSteps12 New Drummer Course is a 12 Week course that takes you from the ground up to a good intermediate level in the shortest possible time by covering the eight categories of Coordination, Technique, Patterns, Time&Speed, Grooves, Styles, Fills and Sound, Feel & Musicianship in 30 to 60 minutes per day. Also included is the Bonus Category of Song Examples as well as your 24-Week Lesson plan, Quick Start Guides and Trackers. 

There are over 60 individual lessons included and each lesson consists of a Lesson PDF that contains all of the concepts and exercises that you will study, a Concepts Video that provides detailed explanations and breakdowns of the lesson and a Quick Reference Video that contains examples of every exercises so that you can go straight to a demonstration of the exercise you are currently studying.

Your Lesson PDFs print out to create a beautiful 150-page DrumBook, so cover art for every category is also included.

File Info and Computer Requirements:

Lesson files are in .PDF and .Mov formats

3.2GB of hard drive space required

Download links are in .PDF format and

are delivered by email attachment

Downloaded files are in .Zip format

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