What is different about the DrumRight learning systems to any others on the web?

First of all, our entire system has been thought out to provide the most important skills at every stage. Like the building of a house, high quality things can only be built on a solid foundation, and even then are only really effective if they are done in the correct order. Each system is divided into short sessions that are easy to follow and easy to practice. The most important aspect of the DrumRight system is the gradual creation of your own DrumBook - your personalised drumming workbook, unique to you and tailored by you - for you!

Why will I learn faster using DrumRight systems?

Choosing to learn using a DrumRight system means you have chosen to use the simplest, most high leverage learning techniques available. We have the end goal in mind right from the start - that is to become an excellent drummer. Excellent drummers all have similar skills in common, but most drummers will be able to tell you exactly which things they wish they had learned much earlier in their careers. Our sessions are designed to give you exactly the tools you need, as you need them, so that you can progress through the material as quickly as possible.

What is my DrumBook and how do I create my own personal DrumBook?

Your DrumBook is your personal workbook of all the sessions which you have chosen as the ones that will get you to where you want to be as a drummer. As each drummer has different strengths and weaknesses in their playing, and selects different modules to work on, your DrumBook will be unique to you. It will become your blueprint for your drumming life. You will have the exercises, methods and techniques which apply to you. You will be able to follow it, refer to it and refine it as you progress. You can use our templates to make your DrumBook look amazing, or use your own. The happier you are with your DrumBook the more likely you are to keep coming back to it, day after day, which is really how the progress that matters is made. Each session contains a worksheet that you can download and print out. As you progress through the courses, selecting the modules that matter to you most, you will combine the printouts into your own DrumBook. You can also add technical guides, practice routine planners, daily practice checklists, attractive covers, your drumming and musical-life vision, your purpose and your strategies. Your DrumBook is not an exercise book, it is  a blueprint for your drumming life and how you are actually going to make it a reality.

Most drummers start learning by a mostly random process, learning what they have been told to learn, or whatever beginner lessons they've happened to find on the internet. Some drummers have a slightly clearer idea of what kind of areas they are interested in. But how do you know that the techniques you are learning are going to be the best ones for your ultimate goal as a drummer? For example, is the hand technique you are learning right now the best one for playing rock? Are the counting systems your are working with the best ones for working with jazz? Many drummers have had to change their technique at some point in their careers as they've later discovered a technique that is more suited to what they are trying to do. The one thing they always say is "if only I'd known this years ago!".

First of all theDrumBook process will help you decide on what you want to achieve as a drummer. What style of drummer do you want to be? What level do you want to get to? When do you want to get there? With these goals in place you can start to decide on a strategy to achieving it.

Learning to play an instrument and become a musician is a complicated, lifelong process, so you want to be organised. There are skills in many areas that need to be developed simultaneously. With the Drumright systems and your Drumbook you can see in front of you exactly what you will need to learn, when to learn it and how to learn it quickly and easily.


"The higher the mountain you want to climb, the better the map needs to be".

Do I have to create a DrumBook or can I just download the sessions?

Of course you don't have to create a DrumBook, you can just download whichever sessions you want, print the sheets out and save the videos to watch whenever you like.

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