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"What is the Elevate Mastermind & How Can It Help Me?"

The Elevate Mastermind is designed for those who are looking for that edge in their drumming, music career, and life. If you feel like you're "done with online courses," but you're still determined to take your drumming & career to the next level, then a Mastermind is absolutely essential. And The Elevate Group is your chance to mix with extraordinary musicians who will push you, support you, and lift you up like never before!

The Elevate Mastermind isn't an event... it's a 12-month experience!

The promise of the Elevate Mastermind group is simple: To facilitate a BREAKTHROUGH YEAR in your career and your life! ...To catapult you past your comfort zone and into a whole new world of possibility and quantum growth.

And although those breakthroughs can happen in an instant, lasting change takes time.

Members of the Elevate group get access to:

  • Daily Support & Accountability inside our Intimate Facebook Group

  • Monthly Deep Dive Coaching Calls and Hot Seats

  • Three live events 

All strategically designed to effectively support you for a BREAKTHROUGH YEAR in 2021!

The Elevate Mastermind is Application Only and Spots Are Limited!

90% of the magic of the Elevate group is the members. They are what makes it truly special. And I am honoured and humbled to have attracted a group of such extraordinary and successful drummers who help push me to a whole new level.

And it is for this reason, admission into the Elevate group is only through application and extensive interview process.

Who is a Right Fit for Elevate?

Elevate is not right for everyone. Here a few qualifications and characteristics to help determine if you may be a right fit...

The Elevate Mastermind is RIGHT for those drummers who are:

  • Planning, launching or levelling-up their careers in music and are looking to make a big leap forward in 2021 (and beyond!)

  • Willing to be open, coachable and vulnerable.

  • Work and play well with others (even if you're an introvert like me!)

"Great! What's the Next Step?"

Our application process for 2021 opens up in October of 2020. To be notified simply submit your name and email in the form below, thank you!

Interested in Applying for one of the Few Spots in the 2021 Elevate group?

Submit your details by clicking the button below!

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"Joining the Elevate Mastermind in 2018 was the single most impactful experience I've had in my 8 years as an emerging drummer.

The group opened up a world of possibilities by teaching me how to develop a growth mindset, hone in the things that give me my unique value and learn how to learn and grow by supporting others."

- David Colson