Who is Andy Vellacott?

Zero to "Hi" in 60 Seconds!

This is the story of how a former 'kid on boxes' started a business around his passion for helping drummers GROW their talents and CREATE impactful careers.

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Strategy + Mindset

I haven't just been teaching ambitious musicians how to skyrocket their careers for the last 12 years - I've been doing it myself for even longer (basically since I made my first drumkit out of boxes and books at around the age of 10).

I've since then come a LONG way from wrecking cardboard boxes, to building multiple businesses helping drummers and musicians take their dreams of impactful careers in music, and turning it into reality. With my signature program, all of this and MORE has now become possible for a new generation drummers all over the world.

Creating a Totally Mind-Shifting Drum Program!

I launched the DrumSteps and DrumWorks courses and my new signature program (DrumLab) to help other drummers, musicians and coaches master their skills, make their mark in the music industry and leave an impression that LASTS. 

The bottom line? Becoming a musician has given me the opportunity to live my passion and purpose, so my mission is simple: show the next generation of musicians how to create true success, so all work and no play becomes all work is play.

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Everything I do in my music (like making videos, teaching, and coaching) is FUN. 

I believe one reason I haven't experienced burnout or a plateau, is because I FIND THE FUN in everything I do!

I lead with PLAY. My lifestyle is about fun in and out of my work, and for me music ENHANCES that. That's why I love doing what I do every single day...

AND I want to invite YOU to do the same! Fuel your passion and enjoy the ride, by starting to DRUM RIGHT.

See How Andy Has Helped His Students:

Lucy Landymore

World Of Hans Zimmer

BBC Young Musician Winner 2010


"My career has grown massively over the last couple of years..."

"While the journey has been amazing - what's really awesome is that Andy is one of the few people that CARES. He shows up for his students, he knows what he's doing and he wants his students to succeed."

Peru Eizagirre




"Less than 2 years ago, I left my high-school program to pursue a career in music. Even though I thought I knew what I wanted to do... be a drummer... I still felt confused & frustrated.


I felt like I was playing a guessing game trying to put all these puzzle pieces together without seeing what it was supposed to look like in the end."

Damien Keller


"When I started out trying to become a professional musician I worked long hours, trying to do everything myself, on my own. And while I managed to learn bits and pieces, I felt like I was lost at sea, desperately searching for a lighthouse.


With a push from Andy and his community, I joined the Drumright program and finally found my niche, which was life changing... and validated everything I was doing."

To get in touch with Andy, contact Team Drumright at customersuccess@drum-right.com

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