Why rent from us?

Best value rentals

Delivery direct to your door

One month contract

The latest drum kits at the lowest price

Fantastic purchase options at end of rental

Easy upgrades to other drum kits

FREE drumsticks included

Up to £75 off vouchers on our DrumRight tuition courses

What you need to know:

Renting a drumkit is simple:

A non-refundable deposit of 1-month rental is required on all drumkits. The deposit is paid when you checkout. 

A standing order or direct debit for your monthly payment must be setup and your first months rental received before the drumkit can be delivered.

Rentals are paid at the start of each month. When you no longer require the drumkit you must contact us to notify us of the end of the rental.

At the end of the rental we will arrange collection of your drumkit. 

We have fantastic discounts on future rentals and purchases for loyal customers. You will be offered the option to upgrade to a different drumkit or a massive discount on purchasing the drum kit you have been renting.

Sounds great! How do I get my drumkit?

First of all download the Rental Contract. Read it carefully and make sure you understand the terms and conditions of rental. 

Select your drumkit and pay your deposit at the checkout

Setup your monthly standing order or direct debit. 

Your drumkit will be delivered to your door.

Got it! How do I get my DrumRight tuition courses?

Simple. When you sign up for your rental we will email you a voucher code to enter at the checkout so just go ahead and select the courses you want. 

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