Pearl Roadshow Acoustic Drum Kit

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Pearl Roadshow 5-piece Acoustic Drum Kit

This dynamic and versatile drum kit is perfect for beginners! The Pearl Roadshow 5 Piece Complete Drum Kit comes complete with an extra ride cymbal and stand. The whole package includes; bass drum, 2x rack toms, floor tom, snare drum, crash cymbal, ride cymbal, hi hats, hardware including kick pedal, drum throne, sticks and a stick bag.


These are the perfect drums to get started at a great price. All from one of the most iconic drum brands.The 9-ply poplar shells deliver a rich, resonant tone with excellent attack and projection that is ideal for any playing style. With everything included from the drums to the sticks, the Pearl Roadshow kit has everything you need to start playing straight away.

  • Description

    Pearl Roadshow

    The Roadshow series by Pearl is ideal for players looking to start learning on a reliable and durable instrument, offering incredible tone and playability for a very affordable price. The American Fusion set produces a powerful, aggressive sound with crystal clear definition. This kit is equipped with chrome hardware and features a striking Jet Black finish, ensuring that it looks just as good as it sounds.

    9-ply poplar shells

    All the drums in the Roadshow American Fusion Kit are made from 9-ply poplar, providing a crisp sound with a strong high-end attack. The 7mm shells are cut with a 45-degree bearing edge, reducing contact between the head and the shell for improved resonance and tonal clarity. The bearing edge also provides the drums with much easier tuning, and the ability to constantly stay in tune so you can play all day long without having to stop and tune!

    Sublime low ended bass drum

    It is crucial to have a great sounding bass drum as it is the heart of the drum kit and provides a solid foundation for your playing. The 22’’ x 16’’ bass drum included with this kit features self-muffling rings which prevent unwanted sounds and creates a tighter and more punchy tone.

  • Specifications


    • 9-ply poplar shells
    • 45 Degree bearing edge
    • Jet Black finish
    • Chrome hardware
    • Self-muffling bass drum rings
    • Maple drum sticks (2 pairs)
    • Pearl stick bag
    • Drum throne
    • Additional Paiste ride cymbal with stand


    • Crash cymbal stand
    • Ride cymbal stand
    • Hi-hat stand
    • Snare stand
    • Bass drum pedal
    • Drum throne


    • Bass Drum: 22'' x 16''
    • Rack Tom: 10'' x 8''
    • Rack Tom: 12'' x 9''
    • Floor Tom: 16'' x 16''
    • Snare Drum: 14'' x 5.5''
    • Crash Cymbal: 16''
    • Ride Cymbal: 20''
    • Hybrid Hi-Hats: 14''

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