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DrumWorks is an intermediate level video course designed for the rising drummer with some basic knowledge and technical skills and looking to progress to a higher level.

with Andy Vellacott

Use the latest learning methodologies and our unique high-leverage systems to make the most progress in the shortest possible time.

Short 5 - 10 min Quick-Reference videos for every lesson make it easy to progress every single day.

Highly structured lesson program keeps your learning simple, fun and effective. Customisable lessons means you work at the level of engagement that suits you in the areas that are most relevant to you.

The DrumWorks course is a complete learning system for any drummer who has a some basic skills but wants to progress through an intermediate to advanced level in the shortest time possible. The course covers everything you need to know in order to consider yourself an advanced level drummer by the end and delivers it all in easy bite-size pieces. 

Cover the eight categories of study in the depth of engagement that works for you - Light Engagement, Medium Engagement or Full Engagement.  The flexible structure of the course means you can mix and match lessons from any of the categories so you can always come back to a higher level of engagement later. Using the included 20 Week Plan the skills learned in any category are gradually applied across all of the other categories so you progress in a completely natural and effective way. 

Is this the right course for me?

Be sure this is the correct course for you by ranking your current level of playing on a scale of one to ten or taking our 5 minute assessment:

About the DrumWorks Course:
The Categories

What Are The Categories?

The DrumWorks Intermediate level course is presented in 8 Categories. Each category interlocks with each other category, so as you gain skills in one category they are then gradually applied across all of the other categories.


The first four categories are the Physical & Movement training categories, the next four are the Musical categories so you can easily maintain a perfect balance of working in your areas of weakness,  keeping a rounded approach to your development, and most importantly adding plenty of variety. 


How can I customise the lessons to suit me perfectly?

This course delivers an enormous amount of information for you to digest. To keep the course effective for your own personal goals you are able to choose between three levels of engagement in many of the lessons.

Light Engagement: Everyone should do the Light Engagement exercises so that you have a good grounding in those areas.

Medium Engagement: If it is an area of particular interest or weakness you can choose to complete the Medium Engagement exercises.

Full Engagement: If you want to maximise your learning in that area you can continue on to the Full Engagement exercises. You can always come back to a lesson at a higher level of engagement later.

Each category contains eight to ten individual lessons, each of which comes with a short 5-minute Quick Reference video to explain the work and demonstrate the skills and exercises. Most lessons are designed to be completed in a few short sessions of 15 to 30 minutes, so you can easily work on two or more categories simultaneously to keep things progressing quickly.

The DrumWorks course comes with a 20 week day-to-day structured lesson plan which includes regular review and integration days and in most weeks introduces no more than 3 to 4 new lessons per week, or you can work through the course at you own pace and repeat days or weeks as often as needed.

Physical Categories:

The Physical categories focus on the abilities of  motion and coordination. The skills developed here are ergonomics, technique, coordination, speed, and timing.

Category 1: Coordination

The category of Coordination in this intermediate level course builds the three functional core skills of independence, phrasing, and orchestration. You will  be using a step by step process to learn to coordinate your body in parallel and contrary motions, play phrases against repeating ostinato patterns and orchestrate your drumming between all four limbs.

Sessions include:

Three Way Coordination

Phrasing Coordination

Phrasing Orchestration

Four Way Fundamental Coordination

Four Way Groove Coordination

Contrary Movements

Parallel Movements

Coordination Mastery

and more

Category 2: Technique

Your technique is your upper limit so the Technique category goes deep into the mastery and application of the very best techniques that you need in order to play musically, expressively and consistently. Study Straight and Moellar hand techniques, Double Strokes & Bounce techniques, Bass Drum double strokes using Foot/Leg techniques and most importantly the methods to achieve the practical application of every technique. 

Sessions include:

Straight Technique

Moellar Technique

Foot & Leg Techniques and Integrations

Bounce Techniques

Double Stroke Technique

Applying Moellar Technique to Hi-Hat 8ths & 16ths

Integrating Bass Drum Doubles

Buzz Strokes and Rolls

Ghost note Technique

and more

Category 3: Patterns

The Patterns category focuses on the stickings, foot patterns, accent patterns and phrasing patterns that are used as the building blocks to advance all of the rest of your playing. These patterns bring a lot of colour to your playing so you will get dialed in on every pattern physically and mentally before you apply them to specific styles and musical situations in the other categories - which means you can go much further and deeper than you would otherwise be able to in the same amount of time.


Sessions include:

Flams, Drags & Ruffs

Sticking Patterns

Paradiddle Patterns

Accent Patterns

Phrasing Patterns

Groove Stickings

Fill Stickings

Sticking Patterns with Accents


and more

Category 4: Time & Speed

The category of Time & Speed is all about training you to a high level in the three important areas of time-keeping, timing and speed. Learn about your Inner Clock and the methods you can use to develop it, how to use your Inner Clock to play with a click track and not to a click track, learn about Time-Feel and how you can master it, and also how to master your timing & syncopation.



Sessions include:

Inner Clock

Rhythmic Scales

Accent Scales


Timing & Syncopation

The Masked Click

The Silent Click

Inner Clock Mastery

and more

Musical Categories:

The Musical categories utilise all of the skills being learned in the Physical categories but builds the concepts and knowledge to use these in a musical context. Learn about the grooves, the styles, the fills, the sounds, apply the techniques and develop the coordination in order to play well in any style.

Category 5: Grooves

The category of Grooves is about developing our foundational groove patterns by combining all of the deep learning that we have done separately in the physical categories. Blend the elements of technique, coordination, patterns and timing to create and master the groove patterns that form the basis of our personal style.

Sessions include:

The Rotation Groove Coordination Method

Bass Drum Syncopation

Snare Drum Syncopation

One Handed Hi-Hat 16ths 

Two Handed Hi-Hat 16ths 

Two Surface Riding

Off-Beat Grooves

Ghost Notes

Bonus: Groove Workouts

Category 6: Styles

The Styles category takes you into the specific attributes of many different styles. You have already developed a great ability to groove in the previous category so this category is about applying the specific sounds, tones, textures, feels, tempos and specialised techniques and gaining a deep knowledge and understanding of the particulars of each style.


Sessions include:

Classic Rock


Country Rock

R & B

Hip Hop

Drum & Bass


Latin Jazz






and more

Category 7: Fills

The category of Fills builds the concepts and techniques you need to create and play your own fantastic fills. This is done by developing your movement and speed skills around the drum kit, then developing your musical and creative skills by learning the concepts of  phrasing and orchestration.


Sessions include:

Phrasing Elements

Two Note and Three Note Phrasing

Complete Movement Workout


Phrasing with Foot Patterns

Triplet Phrases

Orchestrating Notation

Cymbal Phrasing

and more

Category 8: Sound, Feel & Musicianship

The final category of Sound, Feel & Musicianship is all about the presentation of you, as a now highly skilled drummer, to the outside world. It is where we add the final polish to all that we have learned to make sure that you can demonstrate your skills in the most effective and positive way. Learn how to make fine-tuning adjustments whenever you play to always sound as good as possible, how to communicate musical ideas effectively, learn memory tricks to remember parts and rhythms, how to read and write musical notation and how to create that 'chemistry' with other other musicians every time.

Sessions include:

Sound Adjustment

Tones & Textures


Implying Feels

Musical Notation

Counting Systems

Feel & Interaction

Musicianship Skills - Dynamics

Musicianship Skills - Timekeeping

Bonus Category 9: Songs

The Bonus Category of Songs is an optional bolt-on category to give you some real-world examples of the concepts and techniques you have learned and an opportunity to practice applying the skills you have learned by playing along with the tracks. Each Song Example comes with a short demonstration video, practice guide, Style & Sound guide guide and a PDF transcription of the specific area of focus.

Song Examples include:

Uprising - Muse

1976 - RJD2

Paradise - Coldplay

Tangled - Maroon 5

The City - 1975

and many more

DrumWorks 20 Week Course


with Andy Vellacott


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