"To excel you must begin"

with Andy Vellacott

DrumSteps is the complete course to take you from a beginner to a versatile, skillful and knowledgable intermediate level drummer. Learn the basics right and set yourself up for a great future. 

Our learning systems are purpose designed to get you playing at the highest level in the shortest amount of time by learning the things that count in a logical, systematic and enjoyable progression.

Our systems are designed to be super-easy to understand and follow. You do not need to be able to read music or any special drum notation. Each lesson comes with a short Quick Reference video so that you can see the techniques and exercises in action.

Our lessons distill the techniques, approaches and methodologies from the most successful drummers in the world down to the fewest, most high leverage systems possible. These are the techniques and concepts you need to know, presented in a structure that means you can learn much more in a much shorter amount of time.

Each system will take you through a specific set of exercises to develop a certain area of your drumming, but how you mix and progress through the modules is up to you, so you can tailor the course at every stage to meet your exact desires.

Our PDF lessons can be printed out to create your own 150-page personalised Drumbook - your personal drumming blueprint. This is the most powerful aspect of the course, because it  is your road map, your organisational tool, your guide and your inspiration.

Is this the right course for me?

Be sure this is the correct course for you by ranking your current level of playing on a scale of one to ten or take our 5 minute assessment. The course is available in a Standard 24 week program or a more Intensive 12 week program.

About the DrumSteps Course:
The Categories

What Are The Categories?

The DrumSteps course is presented in 8 Categories. Each category interlocks with every other category, so the skills you gain in one category are then gradually applied across all of the other categories.


The first four categories are the Physical & Movement training categories, the next four are the Musical categories so you can easily maintain a perfect balance of working in your areas of weakness,  keeping a rounded approach to your development, and most importantly adding variety.


What is the difference between the Physical categories and the Musical categories?

Drumming demands tremendous physical skills in order to move well, generate speed, coordinate our limbs and articulate our playing. All of this must be guided by the musical abilities of understanding styles, playing phrases, keeping time, syncopation and our sound.  By spending time in each area you ensure that one is complimenting and allowing the full development of the other.


Which categories should I choose to work in?

Each lesson is designed to be completed in two to four sessions of 10 to 15 minutes so you can easily cover one or two sessions from different categories each day, but if you can devote a little extra time then you are free to add a third or review a previous lesson. 

Each course comes with a complete day-to-day lesson plan which includes regular review and integration days or you can work through the course at your own pace, repeating days or weeks as often as needed.

Category Overview
Physical Categories

The Physical categories focus on the abilities of  motion and coordination. The skills developed here are ergonomics, technique, coordination, speed, and timing.

Category 1: Coordination

The Coordination category builds the basic combinations of limb movements that you are going to require in order to play the patterns, grooves and styles in the other categories. Follow a step by step process to gradually develop an excellent level control over your limbs.

Sessions include:

Hand to Hand Coordination

Hands & Bass Drum

Three Way Coordination

Stickings with Foot Patterns

Four Way Coordination

Hi Hat & Bass Drum Foot Coordination

and more

Category 2: Technique

A drummer can only play as well as their technique will allow. The category of Technique develops a high level of specific technical knowledge which is gradually applied across all of the other categories. Learning a good technique early on means that you can apply it immediately to your playing and create a solid foundation on which you will build the rest of your playing.



Sessions include:

Bonus: Technique Starter Pack

Grip and First Principles

Up Strokes and Down Strokes

Moellar Motion

Bass Pedal Technique

Foot and Leg Strokes

Stick Bounce Technique

Single Strokes and Double Strokes

Buzz Rolls

and more

Category 3: Patterns

Patterns are the building blocks which we can use to play anything we want. The Patterns category teaches you the most common patterns which you will use as you start working your playing and the ones which are going to be the most important to you as you progress.


Sessions include:

Sticking Patterns

Bass Drum and Hi Hat Foot Patterns

Hand & Foot Patterns

Eight Note Patterns

Triplet Patterns

and more

Category 4: Time & Speed

The category of Time & Speed covers the three areas of Timing, Time-Keeping and Speed. You will discover the differences between timing and time-keeping, develop your skills in these important areas and gain an understanding what it means to play with a certain time-feel.


 Sessions include:

Timing & Timekeeping

Inner Clock

Time & Movement

Playing With A Click

Time & Feel

and more

Musical Categories:

The Musical categories utilise all of the skills being learned in the Physical categories but focus on the application of these in a musical context. Learn about the styles, the sounds, apply the techniques and develop the coordination in order to play well in any style.

Category 5: Grooves

The Grooves category is where you start to implement all of your skills learned in the physical categories by integrating coordination, technique, patterns and time to create a wide variety of groove systems, but without the added complication of applying all of the specific details of any particular style. This allows you to go into much greater depth and apply the grooves in any style you choose later.


Sessions include:

Pop/Rock Coordination

One Handed 16th Notes

Two Handed 16th Notes

Adding Crash Cymbals

Open and Closed Hi Hats

and more

Category 6: Styles

The category of Styles takes you deeper into the specific details of each style. You will learn what kind of tones, textures and sounds are required for each style and how to produce them yourself, the specialised techniques used in each style, style-specific groove and coordination systems, tempo ranges and example grooves and fills.

Sessions include:








and more

Category 7: Fills

A drum fill can be one of many different things and can serve many different purposes in our music. The Fills category covers everything you need to begin creating your own drum fills in a musical and expressive way by studying movement patterns, phrasing, timing, incorporating with grooves and a library of example fills.

Sessions include:

Movement Patterns Between Two Drums

Movement Patterns Between Three & Four Drums

Eighth Note Phrasing

16th Note Phrasing

Triplet Phrasing

Grooves & Fills

Bonus Session: Fills Starter Pack

and more

Category 8: Sound, Feel & Musicianship

The final category of Sounds, Feel and Musicianship is all about how you are going to effectively present your hard earned skills to the outside world in a positive way that reflects you at your best. This means achieving high levels of musicality, communication and musicianship so that you can fine tune your sound and feel to suit the song, band and environment, having the knowledge to communicate ideas effectively and being able to read and write musical notation.

Sessions include:

Sounds & Textures 

Time Signatures



Counting Systems

Note Values

and more

Bonus Category 9: Songs

This bonus category of Songs gives you some real-world examples of the specific techniques, patterns and grooves that you have learned in this course. Listen to them in action and practice along with them to really master your techniques and hone your musical skills. Each example consists of a short transcription of the exact groove or technique that is being focused on, a video demonstration so you can see it in action and a quick guide detailing the main principles to work on. 

Song Examples include:

Supersonic - Oasis

Just Kissed My Baby - The Meters

Believer - Imagine Dragons

and more

with Andy Vellacott


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