Explore the limits, push the boundaries

The ultimate area for advanced drummers looking for the latest in concepts, techniques and skills. Our unique systems will help you push back the limits of your technique, coordination, timekeeping and musicianship.

Go deep into the areas of your drumming that appeal to you, work on your weaknesses and maximise your strengths to become the ultimate version of yourself as a drummer. Because of the depth of the modules at this level each one is made available separately so you can choose just the ones that apply to you.

Ultimate Techniques Series

These 20 minute sessions look in depth at how to build and strengthen specific techniques to take them to the max.

Ultimate Techniques: Super-Fast Slide Bass Drum Doubles

Ultimate Techniques: Hi-Hat Heel/Toe Kick/Splash Techniques

Ultimate Techniques: Ultimate Double Stroke Roll

Ultimate Techniques: Ultimate Single Stroke Roll

Ultimate Techniques: Ultimate Bass Drum Doubles

Ultimate Techniques: Bass Drum Powerhouse Heel/Toe Rocking 

Ultimate Techniques: Triple Bass Drum Technique

Ultimate Concepts Packages

These are the concepts that will really move you forward

Ultimate Concepts: Cross Rhythms

Ultimate Concepts: Harmonic and Melodic Coordination

Ultimate Concepts: Linear Phrasing

Ultimate Concepts: Odd Meters

Ultimate Concepts: Degrees Of Swing

Ultimate Concepts: Implied Feels

Deep-Dive Styles Packages

It's time to go deep into the styles

Jazz Deep-Dive: Ride Swing Note Articulation, Ride Technique, Ride Sound and Intensity, H-Hat Foot Technique, Bass Drum Pedal Technique, Snare Drum Sound and Texture, Left Hand Technique, Be-Bop Technique, Bounce Triplets, Jazz Stickings, Full Melodic Coordination Set, Phrasing, Orchestrating Jazz Stickings

Rock Deep-Dive: Unison Bass and Bell, Bass Drum Power Strokes, Hi-Hat Backbeats, 16th Note Bass Drums, 16th Triplet Rolls and Fills, Snare Drum Power Strokes

Latin Deep-Dive: Clave, Bell Lines, Bass Drum Patterns, Left Hand Conga Patterns, Bell Line Soloing, 6/8 Afro-Cuban Rhythms, Samba Coordination, Samba Bell Line Soloing 

7-Day Quests

7 Days focused on a particular technique or element

Double Stroke Strength and Speed Quest

Bass Drum Doubles Strength and Speed Quest

Clave Coordination Quest

Specialised Sounds Series 

Go deep into the techniques and production of specialised sounds. Start exploring the full ranges of tone and texture, learn the specialised techniques, get the best tips and hacks, become a more expressive drummer and make your playing stand out. 

Specialised Sounds: Rim Shots

Specialised Sounds: Hi-Hat Tip/Shoulder Articulation

Specialised Sounds: Rim Clicks

Specialised Sounds: Tip/Shoulder Bell Accenting

Specialised Sounds: Super-Dry Open Hi-Hats

Specialised Sounds: Stack Cymbals

Specialised Sounds: Splash Cymbals

Specialised Sounds: Snare/Splash Clap Effect

Specialised Sounds: Choke Cymbals

Specialised Sounds: Hi-Hat Jabs and Barks

Specialised Sounds: China Cymbal

Specialised Sounds: Brush Work

Specialised Sounds: Super Smooth Cymbal Rolls

Specialised Sounds: Jazz Ride Chain Sizzle

Specialised Sounds: Super-Dry Bass Drum

Spot Lessons and Mini-Packs

Individual short lessons and workouts on many topics

15 Minute Technical Essentials Workout Routine

Odd Time Spot Focus: 3/4 Time

Odd Time Spot Focus: 7/8 Time

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